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Here at Seakeeper HQ, we’ve been encouraging anglers to “Fight the fish, not the roll” for years, but it now seems that fishing charters are taking that idea to heart. Captains and customers alike are raving about the results that their Seakeeper gyros are achieving! Earlier this year, Haphazard Sportfishing refit a Seakeeper 9 onto their trusty Hilton 61. In a write-up of his first trip with the gyro Captain Joey Belton raved, “Our day started with some rain, fog, and a pretty rough ocean. . . . I unlocked our new Seakeeper gyro [and] we didn’t do much rocking and rolling the rest of the day. I was thrilled by its performance!!!”

After Topshape Kona Fishing demonstrated the difference their Seakeeper 5 makes on their Cabo 43, TripAdvisor reviewer damonjohnson commented, “[B]oy does it have a dramatic effect on the side to side roll, the boat was virtually still while the Seakeeper was engaged and I would estimate we were in seas of maybe 3-4 feet at one point.”

From another perspective, Seakeeper opens the possibility of fishing trips to those who might otherwise be left ashore—whether by offering a stable platform to little future anglers getting their first taste of life on the water, or by eliminating the boat roll that would ruin a trip for those without well-developed sea legs. TripAdvisor user DenverDogDoctor unites these two concerns, saying, “A huge plus for people like me, who get motion sickness very easy, is the Gyro in the boat hull. . . . Myself, my wife and 4 kids spent all day fishing and not one of us even got nauseous, and the weather was worse than normal.”

Our partners over at Canyon Runner were the first charter operation to install a Seakeeper. The Seakeeper M7000 was installed on their Ritchie Howell 61 seven years ago and has improved the rides of roughly 3,500 clients. The gyro has also allowed them to fish in some pretty severe weather. Earlier this summer, Canyon Runner was able to venture out on a thirty-two hour charter even though conditions were so rough that the nearby Mako Mania Tournament had to be postponed for another weekend! The Canyon Runner crew was handsomely rewarded for their determination…they reeled in a 463 pound Mako shark while everyone else stayed dry for the day. And these are only a few of the many recent successes our customers have been raking in!

Regardless of who you’d like to invite on board this summer, we’re here to help.